Introducing the newest member at our table!

We all got some extra slumber last night, and I thought it would be a great day to introduce you to the newest little pumpkin' around our house, Miss Norah. Norah arrived last week, and our daily routine has included the usual newborn nightly wake-up calls, frequent snuggles, endless diapers, and dreams of sleeping in until 11am. We've had family helping us around the house and sweet neighbors bringing food.

My husband and I aren't winning any awards for productivity, but we are figuring out a peaceful routine for our new family. We are definitely making use of our phrases to remind our oldest that boundaries are still consistent even with the new addition.  We are also handing out extra grace, kindness, and hugs because change is hard, especially when you are two.

A sweet friend mentioned that the early days with two are chaotic, but enjoyable chaos none-the-less. We are savoring these first few days as a family of four, watching Evie snuggle baby sister, entertain her with the latest Santana tunes on the guitar, and occasionally man-handle Norah's face. It's definitely more chaotic then our life as a family of three but more joyful as well, and we are full of gratitude and awe that God shares His treasures with us.

I'll be featuring one of our family favorite meals in my next blog post. Labor intensive cooking and clean-up is pretty low on the priority list these days, so my recipes need to be yummy and easy to prepare.

I would love to hear about your favorite (easy) recipes!