Parenting can be a challenge. You have extensive training to be successful at your career, so let me give you the training you need to find joy, satisfaction, and confidence in meeting the demanding needs of your family.

I give you the skills you need to enjoy your children and help them succeed!

As a speech-language pathologist, child development expert, and parent educator, I train families to make meaningful connections with their children during routine interactions while providing parents with the tools they need to communicate effectively and bring about positive change in their homes.

Intentional communication and positive behavior approaches encourage your child to listen and respond appropriately no matter the activity- chores, teeth brushing, meals, transitions. Life with your child does NOT have to be a battle! 

My specialized coaching method provides parents with:

  • practical skills to implement language-enriched activities during routines and play to promote language development and academic readiness;

  • understanding of age-related norms and developmental progression so you can tell if your child is on track;

  • specific phrases and behaviors to help your child listen and follow instructions the first time;

  • encouraging positive behaviors during routine activities (toy clean up, teeth brushing, chores, etc.);

  • tools for managing challenging behaviors (biting, sibling rivalry, difficulty with transitions, etc.) to promote connection, communication, and healthy emotions;

  • strategies for reducing anxiety and increasing feeding success and healthy nutrition;

  • recommendations for making changes to your environment for increased learning and focus and reducing clutter around your home.

We can address all of these areas or just a few based on your family's needs. I hear from you and specialize my skills and services to the unique requirements of your family.


I have extensive experience working with parents of children with special needs. If you have a child with unique challenges, including autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, Dandy Walker syndrome, cerebral palsy, or Down syndrome, I use my expertise to create a daily routine that encourages growth and independence for your child and peace of mind for you as a parent.

Customized in-home services are tailored to your needs, routines, and schedules.

Customized in-home services are tailored to your needs, routines, and schedules.

Our experience working with Tricia has been fantastic. Not only was she immediately able to make a connection with our 5 year old twins, but her ability to customize the focus of her approach to match each one’s specific needs and personalities was impressive. After a short time we saw real, tangible results with both girls’ speech development and are confident they are now on track for their age.”

-Chase, parent in Smyrna, GA

Coaching and consulting service fees start at $150.

A portion of the consulting/coaching fee may be covered by insurance. Upon request, I provide a form for you to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. I provide in-home services for clients in the Atlanta area. Initial consultations and detailed follow-ups via phone/video chat are also available for out of town clients.

Email me at to hear how I can customize a coaching plan unique to your child and family. Reach out today and help your family THRIVE.