Welcome to our table!

 I’m Tricia Spicknall, a speech-language pathologist, child development expert, and parent educator. I provide specialized coaching to give YOU the skills and training you need to confidently interact with your child and enjoy your family.

Feeling overwhelmed in your parenting?

You are not alone! Raising small children is often considered one of the most stressful times of life. As an expert in child development and the parent of two small children, I have the professional training and personal experience to help you make positive changes in your home and enjoy your kids again. We work together to troubleshoot areas that are not working and create a daily routine that promotes independence and confidence in your child while reducing the stress around your home.

Five Areas to Thrive

As we work together to reduce stress and promote meaningful connection, your child will THRIVE!

  • Emotional health and connection

  • Communication skills and language development

  • Positive behavior

  • Feeding and nutrition

  • Daily routines and character/habit training

See my PARENT COACHING page for more information about options that meet your family's individual needs. Enjoy life as a family as you talk around the table, learn, grow, and thrive together.