If you are the parent or caregiver of a young child, you are the PRIMARY person to provide speech and language intervention during routine activities. Typical speech therapy provides intervention with the child for a brief length of time each week. In order for a child to make maximum progress, speech therapy techniques should be incorporated ALL DAY LONG, rather than just a few minutes a week! I give you the skilled strategies to promote speech and language skills throughout the day, rather than during brief sessions each week with a therapist.

Who can benefit from these services?

Anyone that works with children would benefit from a language consultation/coaching session.

This includes:

  • parents and other family members
  • caregivers
  • educators
  • nursery & daycare workers
  • church staff

What if my child is already receiving speech therapy for language?

I believe parents/caregivers are THE KEY component in developing a child's language skills. I work with individuals to give them practical skills and interaction strategies to incorporate language throughout the day. The MOST EFFECTIVE language therapy occurs during routine interactions that take place multiple times in a day, so parents and caregivers are the best people to implement these activities in daily context.

What if my child isn't diagnosed with a problem?

Language coaching is beneficial for individuals working with both typically developing children and children diagnosed with a delay. If your child's language is on track, a consultation helps you feel more confident in your interactions with your child and provide a better environment for learning.

If your child is acquiring spoken language at a slower rate, a coaching program will give you the necessary skills and confidence to encourage language growth.

Email me at spicknallspeech@gmail.com to hear how I can customize a coaching plan unique to your child and family and get started today with better speech and language skills!